How Can You Get Involved if You Are Unable to Attend?

If you are not able to attend LLA’s 2017 Legislative Day at the Capitol, there are other ways you can get involved from afar!

Initiate Contact with Your Representatives and Senators Prior to Legislative Day

We encourage you to contact your representatives and senator(s) early in the week of Legislative Day (or even better, the week before), by email or telephone to let them know you will be attending LLA Legislative Day on Wednesday, April 12, and hope to have a few minutes of their time to say “hello.”

Virtual Participation

If you are unable to be in Baton Rouge on April 12th, we invite you to participate virtually. First and most important, email a message to your legislators on April 12th, letting them know you are unable to attend in person but are writing in support of libraries and/or call their office to leave a message.

In addition, consider wearing blue to work that day and, if feasible, post a sign inviting patrons to ask you why you are wearing blue, so you can let them know you are supporting Louisiana libraries on LLA legislative day.

Print a few copies of handouts from the LLA Legislative Day link on the website (the Quick Facts about Louisiana Libraries document, for example) to have ready to hand out to anyone interested in learning more.

Contacting Legislators

During the session, mail can be sent to legislators at the state capitol

    Representative John Doe
    State Capitol
    P.O. Box 44486
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4486

    Senator Jane Doe
    State Capitol
    P.O. Box 94183
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4183

To talk directly to a Representative or Senator, contact the House switchboard (225-342-6945) or the Senate switchboard (225-342-2040).

During legislative sessions, notes to individual members can be presented to the Sergeant-at-Arms stationed in or near the chambers.